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Face it, nobody's perfect... even if this particular muse does view himself as 'hedgehog perfection'. So, if you have any crits for how I play Sonic I'd love to hear it. Just be constructive, though, since I'd rather not face flames.

Any other feedback is cool, too.

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Want to get in touch with Sonic on a one-on-one basis? Go ahead and prod him here! Just specify if you're using text/video/etc. I'll format this later.
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Yo, Johto! Are you ready to rock?

[The feed opens with a nice shot of Sonic holding a bright red, electric guitar. He's somewhere in the middle of Violet City, surrounded by his Pokémon.

And before long, he starts playing a really corny song. Oh, but the singer in the video isn't what Sonic sounds like at all. No, his voice is much more... unique.

Now, picture that song being sung with this voice, and you'll get an idea of Sonic's performance. Sonic may good at playing guitar, but his singing leaves something to be desired unless you like Urkel singing.

And as soon as that song's over, he'll start up this as the feed ends.

But those around Violet may encounter Sonic playing various things to pass the time. Aw yeah!]
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[Today is a busy day for Sonic. He's been spending the past few weeks training, working to get some pocket money, and hanging out with his travel partners and party.

Well, after a long stay in Violet City, Sonic's ready to rock at the Gym! The video feed opens as he and his Quilava, Jolteon, and Gengar approach Falkner. There's also some squeaking from his Furret, who's holding onto the 'Gear.]

Yo, leader! I heard you're lookin' for a battle.

And I suppose you're here to challenge me?

[Sonic smirks, waving his finger.]

Correctamundo, bub! I've been workin' my butt off just so I could take you on, and now I'm ready.

[His Pokémon all cry out in response, some more enthusiastic than others.]

Just don't get too cocky. Even against an electric type, my bird Pokémon won't back down!

Just the way I like it!

tl;dr: Battle! Sonic wins. )

[Sometime after the gym battle, Sonic starts up another feed outside one of the restaurants. By then, his team's gotten some rest and healed properly.]

Yo, Johto! I've been wondering... You guys know any fast Pokémon? And I mean really fast. I've already got a Sneasel, Typhlosion, Gengar, Jolteon, and a Furret, but I wanna add more to it. So, help me out here.

Just two big requirements: It's gotta be fast and cool. Or at least evolve into somethin' cool.

[ooc: Badge was mod approved.]
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[The feed opens with Sonic chilling around Violet City with his Pokémon team, which now consists of his fanged Sneasel, a Furret, a Jolteon, and now a Quilava. Yes, Sonic's that type of trainer who lets his monsters hang outside the ball all the time.]

You know, a ton of people are freaking out over those new Pokémon, but I don't see the big deal. It's just something new to catch, right? Besides, they're pretty cool lookin', if you ask me. I've gotta get my hands on one of those ghosts!

Anyway, I'm looking for a headcount. How many of you guys were something besides a human before you got here? Doesn't matter if you're a pony, monster, whatever. I'm just wondering who else is in the same boat as me.

'Cause, trust me, I used to look way cooler than I do now. Check it!

[He pulls out a random piece of paper with a doodle. Sonic isn't the most talented artist, but with his ego, he can do an... adequate scribble of himself. Just enough to get the point across.]

Cut for an image the mun made intentionally bad )

One more thing before I forget: Anyone else wind up with someone else's Pokémon? This is the second time it's happened to me now.

[And with that, he shuts off the Gear, tucks it in his pocket, nad proceeds to go grab a quick bite to eat... which for Sonic amounts to about six chili dogs. Feel free to bump into him around town.]
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[What's this? A blue hedgehog with bright red sneakers? A really smug looking blue hedgehog?

Yep! It looks like Sonic's back to his good old hedgehog self, and he's definitely excited about it.]

Yo, Johto! Check this!

[ZOOM! There in a minute, gone in a flash! As Sonic takes off, there's a big cloud of dust. Once he's back on screen, he's grinning like mad.]

That's right, the hedgehog is back and ready to juice! Think you've seen fast? You've got another thing comin', 'cause I'm about to put the pedal to the medal and burn rubber! Bet I can do a lap around this whole place in a Sonic second! But go ahead, place your bets, 'cause I'm outta here!

[He'll go ahead and take the 'Gear back from his Sneasel and start revvin' it up! Look out, folks, 'cause Sonic will be everywhere. That's what happens when you give him his speed back.]
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[Today there's a new voice feed popping up on PokéConnect! A voice that sounds remarkably like Steve Urkel if he wasn't a nerd.]

Aw, man! How's this thing even work? C'mon, ain't ya gonna say somethin'? Show me some weirdo map or diagram?

[Shake, shake shake, click. It switches to video, displaying lovely shot of a disgruntled teen with spiky, blue hair.]

Now we're getting somewhere! Sheesh, you'd think they'd at least give me an instruction book...

[He groans.]

Yo! Can anyone hear me? 'cause I've got a ton of questions, and so far nobody's helped me out. 'specially that 'mom' lady...

Anyway, who's the creep in charge of this place? 'cause I've got a bone to pick with the management. This town looks nice and all, but turnin' me into a human is way past uncool. What've they got against hedgehogs, anyway?

[Squeak! Give him a moment, and he'll turn the camera down to a Sneasel with one particularly jagged tooth, then turn the camera back to him.]

And what's with all the weird lookin' Mobians? This guy can't even talk! Unless he's supposed to be one of those pokey-monsters... Man, what kinda name is that?

[He shakes his head.]

One last thing. There anyone named Sally around? Tails? Rotor? Heck, even Antoine... Just gotta know if any Freedom Fighters showed up here too!

[And with that, he'll tuck the PokéGear away.

People in New Bark Town should be able to spot him as he... tries to run full speed and fails miserably. Worse is the fact that he keeps tripping over his own two feet. But that's what happens when you're a three foot rodent and you suddenly get taller and end up with totally different proportions.

His Sneasel shakes his head and watches his silly trainer get back up and try again.]

Man, don't tell me they sapped up my juice, too!

[Deep breaths, and--- BAM! There he goes again. He might need a little help here.]

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[People skimming the journals are sure to find their peaceful reading and listening interrupted by an abrupt and loud performance by Sonic on his electric guitar. This catchy melody continues for about a minute before he starts to speak:]

Y'know, after everything that's happened, I think everybody could use some time to wind down. New Feathers are poppin' up like daisies, and things're finally startin' to get on track.

Yep, I think it's time we kick back... 'least 'til the next big disaster comes cruisin' by.

[And then he starts to play again, this time a calmer melody.]

And don't worry. I'll be here all week! Actually, more like until those Malnosso jerks decide to give me the boot.
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Man, oh man! I ain't seen damage this bad since Buttnik's Doomsday project! A mondo quake outta the blue? So uncool!

[He gives an aggravated sigh.]

Listen up, guys. If anyone's in need of help, just say the word, and I'll be there in a Sonic second! I may not be the toughest guy around, but with my speed, I can dig people outta the rubble like cuttin' a cake!

10 - voice;

Jun. 6th, 2010 11:05 am
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Y'know, now that all that butterfly stuff's outta the way, I've been thinkin'. I know, total surprise! I mean, usin' the ol' brain too much still gives me a headache!

But the way I see it, it's summer now. That means a lot more sun and way more heat! And with everything taken care of for now, this place could totally use more fun. Vash's game was a major blast, but there anyone thinkin' of throwin' a party? 'Cause I dunno about you, but I think this place could use one.

I'd totally grill up some 'dogs for the occasion!
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Hey, got a question for you guys! Now that we've got electricity, that opens up a whole window of opportunity for makin' a good ol' chili dog. Microwaves, boilin', or using a good ol' grill. So here's what I wanna know... just what's the best way to cook 'em up in your opinion?

Standard Villain Filter // 15% Unhackable )
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Okay, let's see...

[There's a pause, followed by some LOUD guitar chords! Someone's found his ax and is taking his time to have a random jam session, it seems.]

Nah. That'll never do... How 'bout this?

[Even louder and much faster. Some kinda hardcore rock melody. Yeah! Now that's more like it in his book.]

Alright! Now that's one way cool riff. Now to kick it up a notch!

[He clears his throat, and then he says, also rather loudly:]

Yo, Luceti! Get ready, 'cause this hedgehog's in the mood for one mondo jam session!

[And back he goes to playing super fast rock music! This post was 100% intentional, so sorry to those villagers whose ears bleed at the sound of his 'tunes. At least he knows how to play!]

[ooc: No seriously. Even SatAM Sonic can play music as seen here at about... 4:30 into the video.]
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[There's something blue whizzing around the village today. Yes, seems Sonic's out and about, but the little experiment's finally gotten to him, because he's got some phony shoulderpads and a red cape on. ...and a fake mustache.

He's also throwing garbage around, although he comes to a stop briefly for a moment.]

Think it needs a bit more over there.

[Oh, man.]

Man, I don't even get how Buttnik thought this'd help. Aw well, juice and jam time!

[Aaand back to speeding around. No worries, he doesn't have much. Just some half-eaten food, paper cups, and other random things to make a minor mess.]
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[Now what's this here 'hoggie up to?

Well, he's got a big sign that says "FREE CHRISTMAS CHILI DOGS" in big, red letters and an arrow that points riiight to the center of the village, where Sonic's got...quite a bit of chili dogs. Yes. He's already eaten some, but considering that so many Luceti residents have never heard of his favorite food, it's worth a shot.

He's also wearing a winter coat. Feel free to poke at him for his...odd clothing.]


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